Interpreting the images we see

Dear Editor,

In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Herald, member of the Second Chamber, Mr. Van Raak paid for a full page ad, which he claimed was his effort to promote “Free Press”.

Strangely enough as long as I’ve lived here I never heard of attacks on the freedom of the press, but again as with everything else, if the Dutch perceive something that makes it factual.

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The cartoon or caricature used is nothing short of a pure sick and racist attempt at sick humor to display their contention that might makes right. The drawing shows in clear terms a Dutchman admonishing, or as the locals like to say, putting a black nappy head upstart in his place.

I sought long and hard to reconcile that with a contribution to a free press. They have made it clear before that they have to get what they want because they are 17 million strong, while boasting of being the driving force behind  bringing down the hammer on the Marlin cabinet.

While we do our best to avoid the racist connotations it is very difficult when a slave trading nation, that was one of the main architects of the transatlantic slave trade today still talk down to the sons of the slaves. They have insured though they don’t write about that the Jewish holocaust pales when compared to the black holocaust perpetrated by them in the voyages over the centuries in the middle passage.

In a few short days there will again be arrests and demonstrations in this country enriched by the slave trade and colonialism who believe that “Black Piet” is cultural. After some research the UN published a report that this country, the Netherlands, is the most racist country in Europe, but because it is so ingrained they don’t know they are racist. It would seem that members of the second chamber and the Dutch government have all kinds of opinions on who we are and their right to control these restive natives.

My people don’t be guided by these Makambas attempting sick humor and telling you what you should see. While I was taught that there is a distinct difference between a Dutchman and a Makamba, don’t take no comfort in the fact that some play the good cop bad cop game while supporting the tasteless attacks and slurs by their colleagues.

People are people everywhere but those with and ingrown and inbred superiority complex will never respect others. Since they believe that people should apologize when they say something that is not acceptable, we demand that they apologize for this distasteful, contemptuous and racist cartoon.

Elton Jones

Source: StMaartenNews