2019 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Eco-Conscious Model Introduced To SXM.

PHILIPSBURG:— A new era has dawned upon the tropical paradise of St. Maarten/ St. Martin, as Motorworld stands proud to make an unprecedented introduction of the New 2019 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient car in America.
Hyundai’s approach for the IONIQ line delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience, coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, making it an appealing choice for environmental preservation, along with the added benefit of cost-conscious savings with prime fuel efficiency.
“Hyundai launched the new IONIQ model in both Hybrid and Electric versions. This launch goes hand in hand with the roadmap proposed by the brand for the future of mobility. The Hyundai Motor designers focused on a futuristic character, which is their main attraction,” says Tariq Amjad, Managing Director of Motorworld, the official dealership for Hyundai. “IONIQ Hybrid strikes a perfect balance in efficiency and performance for an exhilarating and environmentally conscious driving experience. Here’s your chance to drive the most fuel-efficient car in America, Ioniq Blue. This hybrid delivers up to an exceptional EPA-est. 59 MPG Hwy. Have it all without having to make any compromises in the way you drive.”

The New 2019 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid features the following:

Propulsion Systems: Efficient and Ultra Low Emissions
Developed to achieve the world’s highest hybrid fuel efficiency without compromising driving performance, the IONIQ Hybrid is equipped with a newly developed dedicated Kappa 1.6 Atkinson GDI four-cylinder engine. The 1.6 GDI engine delivers 77kW (105PS) at 5,700rpm while providing a maximum torque of 15.0kg.m (147Nm) at 4,000rpm. It is combined with a very efficient new generation six-speed dual clutch (6DCT), and in collaboration with the 32kW (43.5PS) electric motor, offers a maximum power of 103.6kW (141PS) at 5700rpm and 27.0kg. M (265 Nm) of torque in first gear and 24.0kgf.m / 235Nm from second to sixth.

Within the engine, an industry leading thermal efficiency of 40% is achieved, while the cylinder head and cylinder block are divided to achieve optimized cooling. Along with this, the lithium polymer ion battery provides exceptional charge and discharge performance, optimizing high-voltage motor performance and allowing rapid regeneration.

The IONIQ Hybrid outperforms all other hybrids/ electric competitors in this segment while offering fun driving, responsive handling, attractive design, and the newest convenience features possible. Differing from other hybrid cars that are often criticized for “rubber-like” acceleration, the sporty, fun-to-drive IONIQ uses its 6-speed dual-clutch transmission for an attractive driving experience and making the most of electric and combustion technologies.

To further enhance the car’s fuel efficiency and dynamic driving characteristics, the driver can select between SPORT or ECO modes. The SPORT function sustains low gears for longer and combines engine and electric motor power to reward the driver with maximum performance. In ECO mode, transmission optimizes gear selection to save fuel, shifting earlier to higher gears for competitive fuel economy.

Ioniq Hybrid Exterior Design
A fluid exterior shape and natural airflow channels emphasize the body’s aerodynamic lines that highlight the IONIQ’s eco-credentials while transmitting its performance skills. A sporty profile, hatchback type, highlights the IONIQ over other hybrid models.

The elegant exterior shape of the IONIQ is inspired by the aerodynamic efficiency that complements the smooth lines and surfaces that trace the contour of the car. This aerodynamic feature helps the vehicle achieve an exceptional Cd (drag coefficient) value of just 0.24, making it one of the most streamlined cars on the market.

The front of the Ioniq Hybrid is characterized by the Bi-Xenon HID headlights surrounded by C-shaped LED positioning lamps. Hyundai’s signature hexagonal grille and vertical C-shaped LED daytime running lights further convey purity of design. Contrasting colors at the base of the bumper fascia add individual character and can be paired with two unique interior environments. The Ioniq Hybrid features specially-designed two-tone contrasting 15-inch eco-spoke or 17-inch alloy wheels.

Ioniq Hybrid Interior Design
In keeping with its exterior, the interior of Ioniq captures the model’s futuristic qualities. A smooth, elegant and clutter-free theme and efficient use of interior space complements a logical, structured approach applied to the layout of controls for intuitive operation. Materials for the interior were chosen with an ecologically-sensitive focus and are used to create a simple and clean look throughout the car, giving the interior a sleek, light and purified feel.
The driver and passenger of the Electric model will also notice there is more room between the front seats. This is achieved via a shift-by-wire push-button drive selector free of mechanical linkage. The Ioniq Electric also features an electronic parking brake (EPB), conserving space in the center console.
Eco-focused materials create clean and sustainable interior ambience
A key characteristic of the Ioniq is its innovative use of recycled or ecologically-sensitive materials. The interior door covers are made of plastic combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone while providing the same quality appearance of typical plastic-based materials. The softer, more natural feel is achieved along with less reliance on oil-based products. This approach extends to other areas of the car as well. Raw materials extracted from sugar cane are partly applied on the headliner and carpet. Paint with renewable ingredients extracted from soybean oil is used to achieve lustrous metallic colors on key components.
Smart and efficient air conditioning
To provide a pleasant, comfortable and refreshing interior climate without using unnecessary amounts of energy, the Ioniq climate control can be switched to an efficient operation mode. Recirculated air is maximized when air-conditioning or heating, reducing ventilation losses and increasing the overall efficiency of the system. Also, the fully-automatic climate control can be set to ‘Driver only’ mode, thereby reducing the load of both air conditioning and heating on the overall powertrain. Ioniq also features console-mounted rear air vents for rear passenger comfort.
Infotainment System
Ioniq features state-of-the-art infotainment and connectivity features. Ioniq is equipped with a high-definition 7-inch TFT information cluster. With a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it displays all gauge functions (speedometer, drive mode, fuel level). Even more, the seven-inch TFT instrument cluster displays all key driver information with outstanding resolution. Depending on the selected drive mode, background color and gauges are adapted to always provide the most important and useful information. Within SPORT mode, the display changes into a revolving digital speedometer that is surrounded by an analog-type tachometer, showing engine rpm in red. When choosing ECO mode, the TFT-information cluster simulates the classic speedometer needle.

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