66 of GEBE employees completed CPR.


gebeemployees08062017PHILIPSBURG:— NV GEBE announced today that 66 of its employees have successfully completed CPR, First Aid, and AED training that was conducted by WIEMS. NV GEBE partnered with WIEMS during the month of February to offer these training for its employees. The training represented the next step forward in promoting and enhancing the company’s vision and mission statements while the main objective is to improve safety amongst its staff who will be able to assist the community at large. “This training will better enable the staff to assist in the case of emergency situations,” stated the Managing Board. The Managing Board also added that “the goal of the training was to help GEBE’s staff and ultimately create positive outcomes for the person who needs assistance in emergency situations”. The groups were divided into three and each group attended an intense 8-hours / 2 days training.

NV GEBE is currently finalizing subsequent training with WIEMS. The next training will be Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) which will teach employees how to deal with mass casualties that can occur in situations such as an explosion, earthquake, hurricane, or large scale accident. In order for the staff to be able to partake in the MCI training, they needed to be CPR certified. The Managing Board of GEBE encourages its staff to participate in these training as these types of training are very essential for job situations and personal lives as well.

Source: St. Martin News Network
66 of GEBE employees completed CPR.