Acting head of Landsrecherche removed from position pending investigation. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of Justice Lyndon Lewis has removed the Acting Head of the Landsrecherché from her position since such a position does not exist.
The acting head, Lucy Gachette, was informed by letter on Wednesday morning of the Minister’s decision after the Minister met with Gachette earlier this week and requested certain information that was never provided.
In an invited comment, Minister of Justice Lyndon Lewis explained that the acting head was removed from her position but remains a detective at the Landsrecherché. Lewis said the removal as head is temporary since there will be in-depth investigations into matters threatening the country's security.
Lewis further explained that the position of “head” of the Landsrecherché had opened several times, and Gachette did not apply for it.
Asked to explain what types of breaches threatened the country, the Minister said that the information had been classified; however, everyone who needed to know was officially notified. The Minister further explained that more than 20 persons were present when he addressed the breaches, and the acting head lied to him.

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