Acting Minister of Education Lyndon Lewis, Takes Immediate Action During School Visits. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— Acting Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport (ECYS) Lyndon Lewis continued his familiarization visits to public schools on Friday, addressing pressing concerns at the Marie Genevieve DeWeever School and Oranje School. These visits are part of his commitment to visiting all seven public schools in the area.
During his visit to the Marie Genevieve DeWeever School, Minister Lewis, who himself attended the school as a child, was moved by the dedication and challenges faced by the staff. One teacher became emotional, expressing her gratitude that Minister Lewis was the first to truly listen to her concerns. The school struggles with excessive classroom heat, overgrown perimeter bushes necessitating closed windows, bathroom issues, and various structural and curriculum-related problems.
At Oranje School, although recent air conditioning installations have alleviated some issues, a dangerous power load problem persists, causing frequent fuse burnouts and posing a fire risk. The school also highlighted additional concerns regarding the shortcomings of the Department of Public Education.
Demonstrating his commitment to immediate action, Minister Lewis has initiated several solutions to tackle these problems. To address the heat issue, he has arranged for the installation of air conditioning units and the upgrade of power capacities at four public schools. Furthermore, he has ordered clearing overgrown bushes around the perimeters of the schools, including the Ruby Labega Primary School, to improve ventilation and safety.

This week, the minister will visit more educational institutions than the departments and divisions that fall under his responsibilities.

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