Annual Culture Time (ACT) Awards 2018. | SMN News


Category                                Nominee(s)                                        Winner

  1. Dance a. Art Saves Lives            
  2. Indhira Marlin             Indhira Marlin
  3. Rudolph Davis
  1. Theatre/Film a. NIA
  2. Joe Dominique (in The Gov’t Inspector) Joe Dominique
  3. SXM Community Theatre
  1. Music a. Betti V
  2. Vernon Verwood
  3. Oswald                        Oswald          
  1. Fine Art a. Lucia Trifan Lucia Trifan
  1. DJ of the Yr. a. DJ Patrice
  2. DJ Easy Rick                         DJ Easy Rick                        
  3. D.J. Pauly
  1. Band of the Yr. a. Control Band                         Control Band            



  1. SM Song of the Yr. In the Moment (Betti V)             In the Moment (Betti V)
  1. Foreign Song of the Yr a. Hello – Kes the Band            

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