Attorney Bloem reacts to Minister of Finance statement on Emsley Tromp

PHILIPSBURG:— On March 22, 2017, the Minister of Finance Mr. Gibson, esq. of Sint Maarten announced in a media conference that Dr. Emsley Tromp, President of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, did not pass the screening of the Security Service of Sint Maarten (‘VDSM’). Consequently, the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten decided not to grant Dr. Tromp a so-called “declaration of no objection.”

In reaction thereto it should first and foremost be noted that diligence is not served with media publications about a decision against which opposition and appeal can be filed, with an independent adjudicating/reviewing body. Especially, because such publications cause further damage to the good name and reputation of Emsley Tromp. Emsley Tromp will therefore, in reacting to the announcement in question, limit himself to the following statement:

“I cannot find myself in the decision of the Minister, taken upon advice of VDSM. The screening process should, certainly with regard to persons who has exercised so-called Trust Functions for a long while within our society, be premised on verified or in any case verifiable facts. Facts can in any case never, as has happened in this case, give way to insinuations and/or baseless accusations. The Minister wrongfully and unjustly gave too much credence to the situation that a criminal investigation is ongoing against my person, which investigation is by the way enduring undesirably long. I emphatically contest and deny the suspicions of the Public Prosecutors Office and will defend myself against that in Court.

Effecttive immmediately, an appeal will be filed against the decision of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.”

Emsley Tromp will elucidate further on his position, in court.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Attorney Bloem reacts to Minister of Finance statement on Emsley Tromp