Board of UD stands with Leader.

PHILIPSBURG:— On August 21st, 2018 is a dark day for the UD party. The request by the prosecutor to investigate the UD leader was known for some time , however that the request has now been granted for charges of bribery is astounding to say the least.

The manner in which cases, and high profile cases in particular are proceeding on St. Maarten continue to give rise for much concern and a keen eye will be kept on this process.

In the meantime we ask the country to remember that this day is also a dark day for St. Maarten. One in who the people have put their trust time and time again to represent them and who has given his all to do exactly that, is now faced with this distress.

In the coming days, the UD will meet to chart the course forward for the times ahead, giving Theo and his family all the support we can.

Regretful to conclude that Theo’s own words
“guilty until proven innocent” seem prophesied.
Much strength to our party leader and his family. We stand with you, Theo.

Source: St. Martin News Network