Bonaire makes history as part of International Observers at Mexico’s landmark election and witnesses’ election of First Female President, Claudia Sheinbaum. | SMN NEWS

"Bonaire made history as part of the 35 countries participating in the COPPPAL International Observers Delegation during the Mexico Elections on June 2nd, 2024. This historic event coincided with Mexico electing its first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum. Bonaire's delegation comprised James Finies from Pueblo Progresivo Uni, Kalie Finies from Foundation Movement For Change, and Davika Bissessar from the Bonaire Human Rights Organization." Representatives Kalie Finies and Davika Bissessar were specifically assigned to the State of Puebla and James Finies assigned to the State of VeraCruz.
James Finies leader of Pueblo Progresivo Uni stated: that being in Dominican Republic and now Mexico Presidential Elections as International Observers in addition of doing my duty as an independent Observer, I also had the opportunity to raise international awareness on our trajectory and works striving for putting Bonaire on the protective list of Non-Self-Governing-Territories of the United Nations. Finies further emphasized the need to protection of real democracy, stating, “As we are all born equal in dignity and rights, in contrast to Bonaire's situation, which is marked by inequality and subordinated elected representatives, laws are imposed by The Hague rather than Bonaire’s so-called elected government, meanwhile facing an demographic and cultural genocide by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, real democracy should ensure that the governance of a society genuinely represents and serves the interests and aspirations of its people. It allows every citizen to express their rights and voice their future desires and wishes”
Kaile Finies of Foundation Movement For Change noted that her experience during Mexico’s historic election was eye-opening. “Although it was an honor to be there to witness the first female president get elected, a lot of work still needs to be done to ensure everyone is able to vote in a safe and fair manner. I talked with numerous citizens who expressed their concerns that they wouldn’t get to the front of the line in time before ballots ran out.”
Davika Bissessar Shaw president of BHRO: Mexico with a population over 200 million it is important to highlight the significance of human rights protection during elections, stating, "Respecting human rights is fundamental in ensuring that elections are fair, credible, and reflective of the will of the people." Our delegation was hard working and did a very good job.

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