BREAKING NEWS:— Roy Marlin passes away after brief illness.


PHILIPSBURG:— Member of the Democratic Party and former Commissioner and Member of Parliament Roy Marlin shocked almost everyone on St. Maarten when the news broke that he was in critical condition at the St. Maarten Medical Center a few weeks ago Marlin  eventually succumbed to his illness on Saturday May 19th 2018 at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC).
Roy Marlin an active politician since 1995 when he became the Executive Assistant of Theodore Heyliger. Marlin worked in the coalition government that was formed after the passing of Hurricane Luis in September 1995. He then postulated himself as a candidate on the Democratic Party slate in 1999 and was elected. He was the commissioner from 1999 as commissioner of finance. In 2003 Roy Marlin became the commissioner of VROMI. His entire political career was spent as a member of the Democratic Party. In 2010 Roy Marlin again ran on the Democratic Party slate and was elected Member of Parliament.
Even though Marlin quit active politics since 1999 he remained an active supporter of the Democratic Party.
While not in active politics Marlin was appointed a member of the GEBE Supervisory Board where he held the Chairmanship and member until his passing. Roay Marlin is a known politician and businessman until his passing.

Source: St. Martin News Network