Cable TV Employees Locked Out Despite Court’s Decision.


PHILIPSBURG:— About 15 employees that are scheduled to report to work at Cable TV office in Madame Estate found themselves locked out on Tuesday morning despite the Court’s ruling that management has to work on an integration plan while the labor department did not grant management of Cable TV their desire to close down the establishment.
Ludson Evers from the SMCU said as union leader he was not notified that the company would go ahead with its plans to close its door on December 31st. Evers said that the court ruled in favor of the workers and ordered management of Cable TV/TelEm to work on an integration plan for the workers of Cable TV. Evers said that even the Department of Labor also did not grant management their request for mass dismissal, he said that the labor mediator is expected to meet with him and the employees at the office of Cable TV in Madame Estate sometime this morning.

Source: St. Martin News Network