Cable TV taking steps to return Dutch channel BVN to regular line up.

Pond Island:— TelEm Group’s Cable TV operators are taking steps to return the Dutch cable channel BVN to their regular program line-up as soon as possible – this in response to continued queries from customers.

BVN is a popular channel with Dutch nationals keen to keep up with news and events from the Netherlands. It is also a popular tool for residents who want to keep up with the Dutch spoken language.

TelEm Group noticed that the channel went off the air in March but due to equipment changes by BVN, TelEm Group now has to purchase new equipment that is compatible with that of BVN to ensure the channel is once again available to Tele-viewers on St. Maarten.

TelEm Group is diligently working to have the new equipment in place as soon as possible and apologizes to Cable TV customers, and especially viewers of the Dutch Channel BVN for any inconvenience caused.

Source: St. Martin News Network