Cable TV workers called in sick, office closed due to lack of staff.

~ Workers not happy due to mass-dismissal plan by new owners ~

PHILIPSBURG:— The office of Cable TV in Madame Estate was forced to close their doors on Friday when most of the staff working for the company called in sick.
SMN News learned that the workers at Cable TV are up in arms with the new management that bought the company.
Ludson Evers, the President of the SMUC, said that TELEM bought Cable TV and on October 16th, 2017, the government-owned company informed the workers that they intend to dismiss most of the staff working for years at Cable TV. Evers said that the union has hired the services of an attorney because they intend to take the government-owned company to court. He said that TelEm or management of Cable TV cannot treat the workers of Cable TV as a step child because Cable TV is now owned by government and its no longer a private NV. When asked about the actions on Friday, Evers said he is unaware of what happened on Friday because he was not informed.

Source: St. Martin News Network