CARDIGANS donated to CBA students.

PHILIPSBURG:— A kind and generous female tourist, after reading an article in the Daily Herald regarding the donation of uniforms to the students of the Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performance Arts, decided to donate 20 cardigans to complement the uniforms. These cardigans will be donated to students, who were robbed of theirs by Hurricane Irma.
The tourist, who made the generous donation and chose to remain anonymous, was vacationing on the island for the very first time and was desirous of assisting the youth of the island after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. In spite of the post-hurricane condition of the island, she said that she had a wonderful vacation, loved the island and its people and would have liked to give back.
She expressed surprise that in the warm temperatures she experienced on St. Maarten, students would be in need of cardigans. She has explained that most of the classrooms at our school are air conditioned and that some children complain that they feel “cold”. The cardigans also come in handy during the cooler temperatures we have been experiencing lately early in the mornings. At that time most students leave their home either to catch a bus or walk to school.
Management and students thanked the donor profusely and assured her that the cardigans would be put to good use.

Source: St. Martin News Network