Caribbean Goes to Space.

A Caribbean Region Dedicated to Lifting You to the Stars

by ir. Damien Richardson

The characterizations mostly connected to the Caribbean are “paradise” and Relaxation”. The region provides a high level of ease in a world that is very busy and sometimes confined within a maze of confusing times. The “Caribbean Lounge” may be the perfect ethos of the region. With a bit more futuristic view, why couldn’t the Caribbean be a Space Lounge? The MESATIC SPACELOUNGE is the idea of identifying the Caribbean as the primary logistic service point to be the facilitator for persons, companies and countries, being supported by the trained elite service representatives who assist facilitating space tourism, moon exploratory activities, Mars journeys, and beyond by using the resource and accommodation rich context of the Caribbean and its collaborating nation partners.

There are five steps that might be possible scenarios going forward as a Caribbean body that might help to achieve the goal of becoming the primary Space Lounge for the world. The five development strategies are to facilitate an initial program team who would focus on setting up a series of action points and representing the scope of responsibilities for each regional partner.

To start with, This would take shape by identifying persons or organizations within the region from the different regional nation groups which are for example the Dutch Caribbean, the French Caribbean, the British Caribbean, the USA Caribbean, and the independent and allied nation groups, who would work together to develop this MSL- Program Team.

Secondly, this MSL- Program Team could look at developing a MSL – Capacity Initiative that would identify which areas are significant to begin a preparation or a strategy to grow and working or collaborating with different programs that exist in the region. Basically establishing a SWAT analysis within this context, and then from there seeing who within the region or context would be a good partner to grow the human skill and knowledge capacity in the following key areas.

If the Caribbean region were to become the host for the world in becoming the space lounge it would be important to initiate training and strategic investment activities in the following areas. Working on and initiating processes that facilitate a regional fluid logistic movement between islands, taking part in satellite development programs, growing a specialized elite executive and event services program, developing initiatives that focuses on growing strategic agricultural specialists, and finally growing awareness and innovative services for Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, holographic, and nanotechnology.

“the Caribbean economies are hampered by a lack of intra-regional transportation, and the governments should work together to assess how best to develop an air and maritime travel system that meets the needs of the region’s citizens. Despite the challenges, the Caribbean’s economic future can be made much brighter by combining the talent and know-how that drives the knowledge economy with the practical demands of today’s global service sector to lay a strong economic foundation for the twenty-first century,” according to a study called “Beyond Tourism: The Future of the Services Industry in the Caribbean” published in “The Caribbean Papers; A Project on Caribbean Economic Governance”.
The Space Jump industry, as I like to call it, is a multi-billion dollar one that does not seem to want to slow down in its passion towards this future space goal. Since 2014, more than fifty-nine nations, were in one way or another involved in the US$42,4 billion space race and were finding ways to accelerate that process.
Thirdly we would have to consider having Regional Activation Packages. This would take shape by each country, within the region, proactively requesting and representing the set improvements and identify the persons or startups that they are presenting as candidates to receive the financial activation subsidy package. This would then be to develop activities in context of the space lounge program. As we progress towards a time of unprecedented advancements in the digital industries and social convergences, we as a region have to assess ourselves and begin to define our future desired goals.

Fourthly we would consider which international agent partners or organizations that could be connected to the space lounge program to assist with the representation and framing of this Caribbean space lounge strategy. The question of were should we start or what should this vision look like might be a thought, but what can be said is that examples can be taken from nations like Curacao who some years back started a process that considered space tourism as a means of national development. By countries in the region positioning and associating themselves with progressive scenarios, it helps to stimulate regional change.

The fifth and Final Caribbean space lounge step could be the setting up of a “feast for all festival” that would be about identifying, initiating funding programs and facilitating community service organizations who are supporting the less fortunate and homeless shelters in our region. By doing this we are able to not only give back but also make sure to not miss out on valuable talent that can be nurtured and identified through these programs.

In conclusion the Caribbean could position itself to become the space lounge for the activities that will be developed in relation to all forms of space tourism, research and development, the moon gate project and moon related developments, and the transformational vision of life on Mars and life among the stars. The Caribbean is the most suited region with all of its allied partners to lead the charge in developing the necessary conditions to lift us into that next stage of growth as a region.

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Source: St. Martin News Network