Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performing Arts thank the Tzu Chi Foundation for their heartfelt contribution.

“Pre-exam and exam students received a healthy breakfast to start the school day”

GREAT BAY:— Forms 4th, 5th and 6th students of the Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performing Arts (CBA) have received a healthy start to their school day thanks to the Tzu Chi Foundation “Breakfast Program” as part of their humanitarian efforts.
The Tzu Chi Foundation has generously donated bread, cheese, fruit preserves and peanut butter for the past month. Home repair assistance forms were also given to the students and their families to fill out in order for the foundation too asses their needs. A generous donation of fifty (50) packs of school supplies were also contributed towards the school. The Breakfast program will conclude in November.
“On behalf of our board, management, teachers, students and parents, we would like to convey our heartfelt thank you’s and appreciation to the Tzu Chi Foundation.
“Our pre-exam and exam students were able to remain focused, alert and dedicated towards their studies. It is difficult to focus on an empty stomach” said CBA Director Mrs. Forsythe- Labega
The Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performing Arts (CBA) recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary this past August under theme “Shifting from Survival Mode to Excellence”.
“We, as an institution have weathered many storms of our own before and we pulled ourselves up by the grace of God and with the assistance of Government Institutions, Board of Directors, sponsors, parents, faculty, students, supporters, well-wishers and volunteers. We went through the drills, and so we are able to face the aftermath of Irma head-on in the interest of our students. We are still standing united as the Charlotte Brookson Academy family, bound by our common vision, love and concern for the well-being and success of our family members.”
The Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performance Arts was formerly located on the second floor of the former Government Building on the Clem Labega Square. The building was destroyed by the superstorm and the school was forced to temporarily relocate to the University of St. Martin. The school is still in search of a permanent home.

CBA Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network