CIBC FirstCaribbean Officially Re-Opens Banking Center at Emmaplein Damaged By Hurricanes.

PHILIPSBURG:— CIBC FirstCaribbean officially re-opened its state-of-the-art banking center at Emmaplein on Wednesday with Country Manager Garth Sherwood giving special thanks to the local and regional teams as well as to their valued clients for their help and patience following the ravages of hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Sherwood thanked the executive team of CIBC FirstCaribbean for their regional support; for providing relief supplies to the team right after the hurricanes and for the funding for rebuilding projects. “We survived two of the most devastating storms to hit the region last summer and during that period, I saw the strength of our people and community come to the fore. Had it not been for the local team’s dedication to the process even after the passing of Hurricane Irma, I am not sure we would have reached this milestone”, he stated.
Chief Executive Officer Gary Brown, also hailed the CIBC FirstCaribbean team “So proud of our team here; how they responded, helping each other and our clients to get their lives back together.”
In August 2016, the bank pledged its commitment to clients and St. Maarten with the opening of its Ultra-Modern Finance Centre in Cole Bay. This commitment was strengthened on Wednesday with Brown stating that “We are not only opening new branches across the Caribbean, but we are investing in training for our people and in our Technology platforms.”

Mr. Brown also announced the most recent improvements to the bank’s mobile app which was launched in St. Maarten in 2016. New features include the Mobile Location Confirmation, Freeze My Card or Real-time alert features. The Mobile Location Confirmation feature sends clients’ location updates, allowing distinction between fraud and legitimate transactions.

Freezing your card prevents incoming transactions (purchases and cash advances) from being approved on the card selected. One can also receive real time alerts informing you of completed or declined transactions on both debit and credit cards via text message.

After twelve and-a-half years the bank moved from its Back Street location to the modern and more convenient center in August of 2017, offering a wide range of financial services, as it did at its former location with many convenient banking channels.
At Emmaplein, clients have access to a knowledgeable banking team and faster and more convenient services. Sherwood assured clients, that even in the aftermath of hurricane Irma, the excellence they have come to know from CIBC FirstCaribbean would continue and their expectations would be met and surpassed, as the branch delivered banking that fits their respective lives.
Mark St. Hill, Managing Director, Retail, Business, International Banking and Digital Banking emphasized that clients are the main reason that the bank has taken another significant step on its journey of providing banking solutions that fit the lives of its clients. “And you will remain the reason why we will continuously work toward providing a unique, modern, personalized, responsive and easy banking experience.” “St.Martin now has the enviable position as our only country where
we have completely refurbished 100% of our locations which signifies our commitment to the economy and people of St.Martin” Mr. St. Hill said.

Source: St. Martin News Network