Clean-up campaign on its way from May 10th to June 10th.

MARIGOT:— As announced by President Daniel Gibbs and his team, a clean-up campaign is being organized by the Collectivité, from May 10th to June 10th, 2018. During this period, waste collection bins will be installed in the neighborhoods (see plan attached).
The aim is to carry out a major cleaning operation in anticipation of the 2018 hurricane season and to remove a maximum of waste, some of which could become projectiles in bad weather. The public is being asked to clean private properties while the Collectivité will continue to clean up the public domain. Neighborhood associations are also invited to help with this operation.
In parallel, the Collectivité is continuing its “VHU” operation for the disposal of end-of-life vehicles. This operation is free for all those who wish to make themselves known to the Collectivité by contacting the Department of Environment Affairs and Quality of Life :0590 52 27 3.
Individuals and companies that will join this effort are asked to sort green waste, zinc and wood before transporting them to the Grand Cayes Ecosite. This pre-sorting is important as it will facilitate the waste process by the company VERDE and the Galisbay waste center.
Access to the Grandes Cayes Ecosite (Cul de Sac) will be free for the duration of the cleaning campaign, only for vehicles registered on the French side and for suitable trucks (dump truck). Waste can also be deposited free of charge at the Galisbay waste center.
The Collectivité of Saint-Martin invites you to use the devices that will be available to collect a maximum of waste, between May 10th and June 10th, 2018.
President Daniel Gibbs makes a civic appeal to all our fellow citizens for active participation in this collective clean-up program, and thanks you in advance for your commitment to respecting our environment and our safety.

Source: St. Martin News Network


  1. Oh… NOW the French government is starting to clean up?!?! For months I’ve been driving on the French side and it all looks like a couple of days after hurricane Irma. Even a couple of days ago. The French side seems to have done absolutely NOTHING to clean up after this disastrous hurricane. And now they “offer” this incentive. It’s no wonder that NOBODY on the French side will do anything. People are being paid to do NOTHING.

    On the Dutch side the hurricane debris was removed in weeks. A lot of places are being rebuilt. And some are already rebuilt. Business might not yet be thriving as before the hurricane, but at least they are busy. When you go to the French side, it looks like a ghost-town.
    You could ask yourself the question: whats the difference?
    France provided the French side millions in “unemployment support” (of course nobody is going to work if they get a good salary not to work)
    while at the Dutch side the Dutch government provided “reconstruction money” which means people have to work to make an income.
    Can YOU see the difference????