Cypress Construction N V responds to SMHDF and Mrs Jack.

PHILIPSBURG:— In reaction to the article in SMN-NEWS of Saturday, May 6, 2016, by Mrs. Johnson, I want to explain my side of the story. As Cypress Construction was mentioned in the article, I have to say that there was some incorrect information in the article. The house of family Jack-Johnson was built by Cypress Construction N.V. for Sint Maarten Housing Development Foundation in 2012. When the house was completed, there were several repairs to be done during the maintenance period, which is very normal in every construction project. SMHDF called Cypress Construction to do the repairs and as it was our obligation, we were supposed to do the repairs on a Saturday as what we agreed with SMHDF. When the workers of Cypress Construction went to work on the construction repairs at the house on that Saturday, they met with workers of Seancon Construction that told them that they were hired by SMHDF to do the repairs on the house. (SMHDF did not cancel the appointment with Cypress Construction to do the repairs) After that SMHDF held the retention money that Cypress Construction had to receive after the maintenance period and told us that they had to pay Seancon. We took the case to our lawyer and SMHDF agreed to pay Cypress Construction because we never refused to do the repairs, which was our obligation according to the contract and construction laws. The cracks that Mrs. Johnson is claiming that reappeared are to blame on Seancon and not on Cypress Construction because they are the one who did the repairs in the maintenance period. After family Jack-Johnson bought the house, they complained that there was a crack in the center wall of the house that appeared after the maintenance period and was considered a hidden defect. SMHDF contacted Cypress Construction and we agreed to do all the repairs on our account. In 2015, ICE made a report of the crack and advised on how to solve the problem. Cypress Construction agreed with SMHDF and family Jack-Johnson to do all the repairs, including placing all furniture of the family in a container and pay for a hotel room for the family during the days of the repairs and all to our account. Up to this date, Cypress Construction did not receive the retention payment after the maintenance period ofNaf. 8.874,00 that SMHDF owes my company. I sent SMHDF several letters, but did not answer to any of my letters. Since November 2015 Cypress Construction has not heard from SMHDF on the progress about the pending repairs. Our last letter that we sent to SMHDF concerning the payment owed to us and the repairs to be done to the house in Golden Grove Estate Road was in June 2016 and SMHDF did not answer the letter.
Kelso Cypress Construction N.V

Source: St. Martin News Network
Cypress Construction N V responds to SMHDF and Mrs Jack.