Dance groups ready for Dance Mania 11.

dancemania04062017PHILIPSBURG:—- Sunshine city promotions is once again hosting the annual dance group show called “Dance Mania” on Emancipation day July 1 at the Festival Village. Organizers announced this past weekend that 13 groups signed up to participate in the dance showcase.

The Sunshine City group promises to raise the bar this year and feature some of the island’s best dance group. The event also brings out a number of new groups to the forefront and gives them the opportunity to perform in front of their peers. This is the 11th edition of Dance Mania which has been the driving engine for upcoming dancers on the island for over a decade.

The groups have been preparing for months and several guest acts have been added to the showcase. Popular road band No Limit Band will open the show with their energetic performances and upcoming band ZTB will also guest perform for Dance Mania. The show will kick off at 7:00 pm and tickets will go on sale this Wednesday only at Mc. Donald’s in Philipsburg.

Organizers thank Mc. Donald’s for being the main sponsor of the event. “We would like to invite the public to come out and see these youngsters perform for the first talent show for this year. “Dance Mania is always full of surprises and this year will be no different. Because of a number of groups that signed up this year, we decided to do it on a bigger scale. This is why we picked the Village to do the event. Special thanks to the SOG foundation for their cooperation,” stated organizers in a press release on Sunday.

Tickets are  US $10 in advance and Sunshine City also decided to ask youngsters who would they like to see as the Masters of Ceremony for the evening and two students from Milton Peters College were picked. Laura Florez and Kathrin Baptist will host Dance Mania 11.
The groups participating are Rare Diamonds, Royal Illusion, AYM Girls, Reckless Gang, Aaliyahe Harrigan, Anonymous Crew, Dangerous Divas, Black Illusion, Dripping Apes, Dynasty Girls, Barbie’s, French side Dancers and Majestic squad.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Dance groups ready for Dance Mania 11.