DP was discussing breaking the government way before Irma — PM.

~ Ship jumping places instability on country, talks should be held for National Government ~

PHILIPSBURG:— Prime Minister William Marlin said on Wednesday that the Democratic Party was in discussions with other political parties months ago because the DP was hell-bent on breaking the government through ship jumping. Marlin said he was accused and blamed for almost everything under the sun and while he took the heat in times of crisis. He said the same politicians who condemned ship jumping a year ago are the ones encouraging it now.
Marlin said that every politician, MPs, and Ministers took an oath defend the country, thus he has sent a message to all leaders of the political parties in parliament namely UP leader Theodore Heyliger, USP leader Frans Richardson, and DP leader Sarah Wescot Williams informing them that in the interest of the country they should all begin discussions on forming a national government.
Marlin said that the Council of Ministers will meet again on Wednesday to discuss their way forward on how to punish ship jumpers. Marlin said should parliament pass a motion against the government then the Council of Ministers will dissolve the Parliament of St. Maarten because at no time did he or anyone in the government reject financial aid from the Netherlands.
The Prime Minister of St. Maarten said that some may say it’s not fair to call for elections but elections were called last year to deal with ship-jumpers and while he wrote the legislation to curb ship-jumping the Kingdom turned it down because in their view it would have hindered the “free mandate”.
He said as far as he is concerned he along with all political leaders want the same thing for the country and while the UP leader said in parliament that he was willing to reach out to government because this is not the time for politics, all of that changed when he was blamed for causing the looting on St. Maarten.
In the meantime, Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman commended Marlin for taking the heat and accusations for all Ministers in a time of crisis. Boasman said Marlin is an honorable man because he personally offered to go to the Parliament of St. Maarten and answer questions on the blocking of the border but the Prime Minister told him that he will answer the questions parliament posed to him.
Minister Boasman further explained that the Ministry of Justice falls under him and the containers that were placed at the border was placed there for the safety and security of the people even though it might have clashed politically.


Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/27534-dp-was-discussing-breaking-the-government-way-before-irma-pm.html