Dump on Fire for two days, entire island smoked out — Contractor missing in action

dumpfires23032017PHILIPSBURG:—- The entire Dutch side of the island are being affected by the Dump fire which started on Wednesday. Residents living over the hill even in Cole Bay, Pelican, and as far as Simpson Bay contacted SMN News Wednesday night stating that they are unable to sleep even though their doors and windows are fully closed.

Some parents were called to schools to take their children home because of the heavy toxic smoke that has been affecting the areas where schools are located.

SMN News tried contacting the contractor Robelto and Sons for a comment on the Dump Fire but the contractors refused to answer their telephones.

Over a year ago the former Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers had ordered SOAB to conduct an investigation on the management of the Dump. In its report, the SOAB stated that the contractor was awarded a contract to management the dump even though their bid was very low and it is impossible for the contractor to effectively manage the dump to avoid fires.

It should be noted that the Dump has outlived its lifespan for over ten years now and none of the governments that were in office over the past ten years did not see it fit to find a solution for waste management on St. Maarten thereby leaving residents of the entire Dutch side to suffer from the heavy toxic smoke and fumes emanating from the Dump whenever it caught fire.

SMN News contacted Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel for a comment on the ongoing fire on the dump. Minister Emmanuel said he is unable to make a comment at this time. He did not give any indication as to what the government/ his Ministry plans to do to rectify the dump fires.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Dump on Fire for two days, entire island smoked out — Contractor missing in action