Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard: Safe Boating Week. | SMN NEWS

Like many aspects of life, Mother Nature can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Therefore, taking necessary precautions while sailing or engaging in any water-related activity can be crucial during emergencies.
As the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, it's our duty to remind all boaters, commercial or recreational, of safety regulations during the Safe Boating Week (May 18th to 24th) .
In this regard, here are essential safety guidelines we recommend everyone following:
– Each vessel must have enough life vests for everyone onboard.
– Adhere to the maximum capacity outlined in boat documentation.
– Captains must have a charged cellphone or functional VHF radio and GPS equipment.
– Signaling equipment such as; flares or whistles must be on board.
– A fully equipped and up to date first aid kit must be on board.
– There should always be enough clean water for all passengers on board.
– Wave runner operators must wear life vests and moderate speed in designated areas.
– Captains or vessel agents must report to the Immigration office upon arrival or departure from Sint Maarten.
– Everyone onboard must carry identification, and boat documentation should be up-to-date and accessible.
– Vessels must have operational lights when traveling at night for visibility and safety.
– Public intoxication while sailing or operating a vessel is strictly prohibited.
– In emergencies, contact 913, send a WhatsApp message to +5999 510 0913 or use VHF channel 16.
By following these guidelines, we limit the chances of accidents occurring whenever partaking in water related activities.
If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic event at sea in need of emotional support, please contact the Victim Support Services of Sint Maarten for guidance and assistance. You can reach them by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 1.721.587.6477.
Stay safe and enjoy your time on the sea!

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