Eventstar Structures and FCCA Partner to Provide Shelters for Hurricane Relief.

Go-to event structure and fabrication facility has become a bona fide disaster relief resource with deployments in areas impacted by Irma and Maria

Miami, FL:— Eventstar Structures is parlaying its expertise in fabrication and modular construction to help devastated communities rebuild across the Caribbean after an exceptionally disastrous hurricane season. Currently, the global company is involved with relief efforts in Cuba, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Dominica.
“We’ve worked extensively in the Caribbean over the years, and consider many of the people affected to be part of our family. As soon as we saw the severity of the impacts, my partners and I began reaching out and mobilizing to see what we could do to assist,” said Eventstar’s President and CEO, Alain Perez.
The acclaimed events-industry infrastructure builder partnered with the not-for-profit Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), the only trade association representing the mutual interests between the cruise industry and destinations and stakeholders in the Caribbean and Latin America, in a coordinated effort to provide shelters ranging from 400 to 4,000 square feet to use for housing and temporary schooling. In so doing, they are supporting thousands that have been displaced and helping to advance much-needed rebuilding activities.
“I wish words could bring back the lost lives, rebuild the catastrophic damage and support people physically and emotionally in this time of need, but there are no words. However, the FCCA is fully committed to taking every possible action to help our partners during this tragedy, as they are not just our partners, but more like our family, and we are thankful to have Eventstar Structures as part of this family,” said the FCCA’s President, Michele Paige.
Even with the looming threat from Hurricane Irma to its Miami headquarters, Eventstar was preparing over 200,000 square feet of structure for islands already severely impacted by the storm, deploying multiple base camps throughout Florida to support Florida Power & Light’s and restoration efforts.
Eventstar has been involved in disaster relief work dating back to Katrina. Since then the company has fortified its presence as a fixture of disaster relief by providing the same services for many other hurricanes and natural disasters, including a sizable disaster relief build-out after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Hours after that devastating quake, Eventstar’s crews were on the ground to erect emergency field hospitals to support, among others, the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in their recovery efforts.
Eventstar is continuing to evaluate how it can assist in the aftermath of the recent storms, including the impacts by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, while also renewing its commitment to identify new techniques to aid in hurricane efforts throughout affected areas before, during, and after the storms hit.

Source: St. Martin News Network