EXCLUSIVE: Commissioner M.J Ferrier in 2003 created SLAC and represented Island Territory for all land ownership Simpson Bay Lagoon. | SMN News

Conflict of interest and self-enrichment?

PHILIPSBURG:—The Island Territory of Sint Maarten (ITSM) a public entity represented by Michael.J. Ferrier, Commissioner, thereto legally mandated in 2003 to sign off an agreement with the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation NV. (SLAC) to manage the John Sainsborough Lejunez bridge separating the waters of Simpsonbay from the waters of the lagoon.
On March 10th, 2003 an Island Ordinance was adopted and proclaimed, whereby the Island ordinance Harbor Fees Sint Maarten Ab 1984,5) and the Island Ordinance Bridge fees 1994 have been amended.
What is so surprising is that Island Territory

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