EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Jan Huurman appointed Inspector General of Health Curacao.

janhuurman07072017WILLEMSTAD:— The Minister of Health of Curacao Suzy Camelia Romer appointed Jan Huurman as the Inspector General of Curacao. The appointment was made on Friday. Dr. Jan Huurman is expected to take up his new position on August 1st, 2017. Huurman is not a licensed specialist but holds a license as Medical Doctor with some experience in occupational health. Jan Huurman was given a two-year contract. It is not known why Gersji Pereira was not appointed since he has been working as Inspector of Health the past two and half years in Curacao.
According to background checks, Huurman worked for one year as an Inspector of Health in Curacao in 2013 where he made lots of enemies with doctors, specialists and also medical institutions. SMN News learned that while  Huurman is known in Curacao to be controversial he managed to garner friendships with politicians in Curacao who lobbied a signature drive for his contract to be renewed in 2013 when the Board of Medical Specialists ensured his contract was not renewed due to his character and bad relationships he created amongst Curacao medical professionals.
Despite the efforts of public and mainly politicians, the government of Curacao did not renew Huurman’s contract. He even applied in Aruba and he was not hired due to his controversial way of working while he is known to look for publicity with the media. He later moved back to the Netherlands.
As word spread in Curacao on Friday afternoon about the appointment of Jan Huurman several doctors, specialists and medical institutions contacted SMN News about the appointment and also expressing their concerns on the working behavior of Dr. Jan Huurman since 2013. When Huurman takes up his post he will be tasked with setting up and the executionn of execution legislation and also the re-organization of the Inspectorate of Health in Curacao.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Jan Huurman appointed Inspector General of Health Curacao.


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