EXCLUSIVE: GEBE CEO walks out of board meeting because of disagreement.

Chairman threatens the government with DP two seats, No Minister can remove him from his chair.

PHILIPSBURG:—Chaos broke out on Saturday during GEBE Supervisory Board meeting with the management board of GEBE. According to information reaching SMN News, states that the CEO of GEBE Kenrick Chittick stormed out of the meeting in a furious manner when at least one of the supervisory board members suggested to him that GEBE should run the test on Engine 20 around 3 am in the morning rather the 7 am schedule he had. The source said that the supervisory board member felt that if the test run was done during the wee-hours of the morning fewer people, especially businesses would be affected. This, however, Chittick did not agree with and instead of discussing the matter with the board he stormed out of the meeting in a very angry manner.

SMN News learned that the reaction from the CEO left most of the board members in total shock because of the arrogance and disrespect showed to them by the CEO.
Another matter that is brewing is the removal of the chairman of the supervisory board that has health related issues.

SMN News further learned that the chairman who recently hospitalized made clear that the current Minister of VROMI cannot remove him because his political has two seats in the current coalition and further to that the current Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel is not the one that appointed him to his position.

Last week the Minister in response to a question from SMN News said that he will suggest to the Council of Ministers to remove the chair due to his health conditions. Minister Emmanuel made clear that no decision was taken on the replacement but the health conditions of the chairman have to be evaluated and a decision will be taken by the Council of Ministers.

Several persons including employees have stated that the chair of the supervisory board has to micromanage the government-owned company rather than supervising the management board.

It is stated that the chair when he was in better health was visiting GEBE on a daily basis and have been giving the management board orders. The employees even alleged that the management board refuses to take orders from the Supervisory Board but listens only to the chairman who supports them in whatever they do whether or not it benefits the company.

Efforts made to reach the chairman Roy Marlin on Sunday proved futile as he could not be reached by telephone.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: GEBE CEO walks out of board meeting because of disagreement.