EXCLUSIVE: GEBE Head of Facilities Marlon Ricardo strikes again, CEO Chittick to face disciplinary measures.

PHILIPSBURG:— The management of GEBE has gone against the advice of the Supervisory Board of GEBE and the internal auditor who advised them not to extend the contract for the head of facilities Marlon Ricardo. SMN News learned that GEBE management gave Ricardo a one-year contract and did not inform the Supervisory Board. SMN News further learned that Ricardo was sent to Kooyman to purchase lumber for the repairs of the power plant and he allegedly stole 50% of the lumber and removed it with a private pick-up truck. A well-placed source said that Ricardo tried to blame a GEBE truck driver for the stolen materials but a Kooyman employee informed GEBE that a private pick-up truck belonging to Ricardo picked up the latter part of the materials from the hardware store. Even though they were informed about this, the management of GEBE has refused to take any disciplinary actions against Ricardo.
SMN News further learned that the Supervisory Board of GEBE intends to take severe disciplinary actions against the CEO of GEBE Kenrick Chittick as it is alleged that Chittick was very rude against the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and board member Oral Gibbes. Besides that, the Supervisory Board intends to take disciplinary actions against Chittick for failing to protect the power plant and two of the companies main engines. SMN News learned that GEBE got tarpaulins to cover the damaged roof and those tarpaulins were not used to avoid damage to the engines.
At the moment workers of GEBE are planning to throw the country into darkness as they are claiming that they are not being respected by the CEO of GEBE. Some employees said that they are not getting drinking water from the company neither are they being fed when they work over time.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/27233-exclusive-gebe-head-of-facilities-marlon-ricardo-strikes-again-ceo-chittick-to-face-disciplinary-measures.html