EXCLUSIVE: GEBE paid TPI trainer $21,000.00 for training for management Team.

PHILIPSBURG:— Workers of GEBE are up in arms because they found out that the company paid the TPI (Natasha Gittens) some $21.000.00 for a two-day training that was held at the Westin Resort sometime in January 2017. The training was for the management team and some supervisors.

According to information received is that the Gittens has good “friendship” with the CEO of GEBE Kennrick Chittick. The workers further stated that GEBE is a sponsor of TPI but Gittens is now employed at GEBE and while she is paid an enormous amount of monies they cannot get an increase in salaries. It should be noted that the management team could sign off on any payment that is under NAF 50,000.00 without consulting with the supervisory board of directors.

Efforts made to reach Chairman of the Board Roy Marlin on Wednesday evening for a comment proved futile.

SMN News contacted Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel for a comment on the spending of the government-owned company and he said that he is not aware of how much was paid to Gittens to train the management team of GEBE. Minister Emmanuel said that if the company has to pay that amount of monies to train its management then the management is not supposed to be holding the positions they are holding. Minister Emmanuel promised to look into the matter regarding the training and the cost while he intends to look into the travel the members of the supervisory board made to Jamaica recently to look into L.&G gas.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: GEBE paid TPI trainer $21,000.00 for training for management Team.