EXCLUSIVE: GEBE Supervisory Board splits, several members of the SBOD acting unethical.

PHILIPSBURG:— The members of the Supervisory Board of GEBE could not stick together on Thursday when they met with CEO Kennrick Chittick and his lawyer Brenda Brooks. SMN News understands that most of the members of the SBOD abstained from voting since they are politically influenced.
Besides the split, SMN News understands that the chairman of the board Bienvenido Richardson found out that the recordings from all the SBOD meetings were leaked by the former Chairman Roy Marlin to the management board of GEBE. SMN News further understands that since the recordings of the meetings held by the SBOD were leaked to the management board it created a friction and thus allowing members of the management board to disrespect certain SBOD members.
Besides the leak SMN News further understands that Marlin along with a senior employee of GEBE met one evening with Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks at her home seeking advice as to how the company could get rid of the CEO Kennrick Chittick. SMN News further learned that the same senior employee also accompanied Bienvenido Richardson to meet with Brenda Brooks also seeking advice as to how to get rid of Chittick.
SMN News further understands that GEBE SBOD hired HBN Law to represent them in the event of court cases and instead of meeting with HBN at least two members of the SBOD chose to meet with Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks who eventually took on the case of Kenrick Chittick when the board decided that they would suspend or either terminate him due to the low score he received during the evaluation process.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/28214-exclusive-gebe-supervisory-board-splits-several-members-of-the-sbod-acting-unethical.html