EXCLUSIVE: Heated GEBE board meetings that could lead to ‘fist’ fights”.

Travel Policy not respected — Financial Auditor Intimidated during a board meeting on Saturday.

PHILIPSBURG:— For the second time in a row members of the Supervisory Board of GEBE almost throw fist punches at each other when certain board members posed questions about policies that GEBE has but are not being implemented.

At least one of the policy that is put aside is the “travel policy” and the abuse by certain members of the Supervisory Board and management board of the company.

According to information reaching SMN News is that one member of the board questioned why GEBE travel policy is not respected especially since the CEO of GEBE traveled to Aruba recently for personal matters, yet he met with key persons in Aruba to discuss solar energy. The source said when the question was posed at the board meeting the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Roy Marlin got extremely agitated and began a verbal attack towards Daniel and the board member that posed the question citing the board member is beginning to ask political questions. Some board members who felt the attack was unjustified told SMN News that the Chairman of the Board continues to micromanage the company and seemingly the Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel is sitting with his hands folded as all of the alleged illegalities takes place.

On Saturday, June 10th 2017, GEBE held another Supervisory Board meeting where the Financial Auditor Sharine Daniel was invited to attend, Daniel was asked to give the Supervisory Board an elucidation on the travel policy and the policy to re-hire persons that were terminated from the company, whether it was done via a settlement or other legal procedures to terminate the services of any employee of the company.

SMN News learned that Daniel was not given the opportunity to explain the policy to the board members that were eager to know what the policy entails, especially since the chairman of GEBE Supervisory Board Roy Marlin is putting some unnecessary pressure on the management board to re-hire his cousin Steve Duzanzon.

According to the information provided to SMN News on Saturday, the Chairman of GEBE board interrupted Daniel several times and even stood up in the meeting to lecture Daniel. The sources say that other board members kept telling the Chairman of GEBE Supervisory Board that they want to know what the policies entail and that he should stop interrupting Daniel from giving the board the much-needed information they need.

Last week an email sent to the management board by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board to the management board regarding the re-hiring of Steven Duzanzon sparked quite some furry. In that email. Roy Marlin made clear that Duzanzon is his relative but he is not asking the management board for any favors. He stated that Duzanzon is an asset to the company and GEBE management board should reconsider him, in the same email, e said Duzanzon have been calling him at least 3 times per week while he is also trying to get hold of the management board by phone and they are not taking his phone calls.

The email which was published on SMN News sparked Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel who was also attacked in the email to dispatch an email to Marlin informing him that he also wants him to re-hire Ray Carty. It should be noted that GEBE fired Carty when they obtained video footage of Carty removing copper from the power plant. Further investigation shows that Carty was complying with the instructions given to him by the former Chief Operations Officer Romelio Maduro.

It is clear that there are fireworks within GEBE as the chairman of the supervisory board is accused of micromanaging.

A member of the management board told SMN News that they had a meeting with the Minister of VSA on Friday regarding drinking water, and water distribution and while this meeting had to be with members of the management board and some key employees, the chairman of the Supervisory Board was also present at that meeting.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Heated GEBE board meetings that could lead to ‘fist’ fights”.