EXCLUSIVE: Repairs of Government owned Buildings in Jeopardy as PM hires independent adjuster.

~ NAGICO paid about $6M in advance claims as negotiations take place~

PHILIPSBURG: — All government buildings that were damaged by hurricane Irma will not be repaired very shortly as the Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin decided to hire an independent adjuster to overlook and re-evaluate the claims that NAGICO adjusters prepared for all of the government buildings that were damaged during the passing of hurricane Irma.

SMN News understands that NAGICO Insurances already paid government about $6M in advance claims however Prime Minister Romeo Marlin chose to stall the process by hiring an independent adjuster from out of the United States. According to information provided to SMN News, it states that Smith Orloff & Associates was hired by government.

The former government had hired Henderson Insurances to work alongside NAGICO Insurances adjusters, but Leona Romeo Marlin cabinet fired Henderson and hired Smith Orloff & Associates an international company from the USA.

Mid-September 2018, Romeo Marlin dispatched a letter informing NAGICO that Leonard Orloff was recruited and asked that NAGICO cooperate with the external adjuster who will be requesting all the necessary documentation. Marlin Romeo also indicated in her letter that NAGICO has taken quite some time to finalize the claims since the passing of the hurricane, she also indicated that even though Smith Orloff & Associates will be representing government NAGICO Insurances must continue to write all checks to the Government of St. Maarten.

Now that the Prime Minister chose to hire yet another independent adjuster that will cost government more money, it is anticipated that this will slow down the process which in turn will delay the repairs of all government owned buildings and schools. The question now arises as to how much money government will have to pay the new adjuster and why did this bold move at the ninth hour knowing that several government buildings and schools are in dire need of repairs.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/30138-exclusive-repairs-of-government-owned-buildings-in-jeopardy-as-pm-hires-independent-adjuster.html