EXCLUSIVE: URSM member Wendell Thode resigns. | SMN NEWS

~ I am available, but I need time to think about the way forward. ~

PHILIPSBURG: — Police Inspector Wendell Thode, who ran as the 11th candidate on the URSM slate on January 11th, 2024, has officially resigned from the party. Thode confirmed to SMN News that he submitted his resignation letter three days ago. He further explained that he never intended to keep the resignation a secret but needed some more time before going public.
“I asked the voters for their votes when I postulated on the URSM slate, and I am obligated to inform those voters who placed their confidence in me that I am no longer with the URSM.” Furthermore, he stated that he has no qualms with the leadership of the URSM or the party itself but has some serious concerns about specific decisions made by the URSM board.
“I took a long time thinking on how to deal with the issues with URSM and could not find any solutions simply because my vision and mission do not align with the URSM board.”
He asked if he would be postulating himself for the August 19th snap election, and Thode said he was available but had not decided on which political party he would contest the election. “I need more time to think about this, and then I will decide if I will postulate and which slate.”
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