EXCLUSIVE: USZV Director got Instruction as they investigate possible fraud.

~ Elites getting USZV medical coverage illegally, while regular workers having hard time~

PHILIPSBURG:— The internal auditor of USZV Marvio Hooi fired an email to Glen Carty instructing him to stay out of the investigations they are conducting against Pioneer Terminal & Port Services.
SMN News learned that Hooi have been conducting a number of investigation since they found several persons that are among the elites and former politicians and their relatives holding USZV medical card even though they are not qualified for the cards.
It is alleged that the Director of USZV Glen Carty used his power to grant several politicians, their friends and family medical insurance cards.
The latest investigation against Pioneer Terminal and Port Services start when they notice Mark Chance left his $8.000 salary at Maduro and Sons to work for his uncle for a mere $2,700.00. This discrepancy caused concern for USZV internal auditor who convoked the owner of Pioneer Terminal & Port Services to provide all documents in order for the investigation to continue. SMN News further learned that the owner of Pioneer responded to Hooi’s email and also copied Glen Carty whom they said have stopped several suspicious investigations.
It should be noted that Carty just removed Ruth Brewster from the COO position because she gave a negative advice regarding Maho Group of Companies workers who Carty and  Emil Lee wants to have full medical coverage by USZV even though they are working 5hours per day.
In 2014 when Carty was appointed Interim Director of USZV he started an investigation when he found several persons were given USZV medical cards fraudulently. Carty had even filed a complaint against a particular employee who was prosecuted while another was fired. At the time Dr. Michel Petit was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Petit did almost everything in his power to ensure the funds at USZV was protected. However, the current board of directors under the leadership of Sharine Daniel are all politically motivated and have not been doing what is expected of them to protect USZV funds.
Already USZV lost over 70% of its revenue since the passing of IRMA yet politicians and the elites are getting special treatment while the regular worker cannot get their benefits when they need it.


Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/29024-exclusive-uszv-director-got-instruction-as-they-investigate-possible-fraud.html