EXCLUSIVE: WINAIR placed lien on STA director Rolando Brison assets. (UPDATED)

Brison has to repay WINAIR over $43,000.00. — Brison said no lien placed on salary or assets

PHILIPSBURG:— The newly appointed Director of the St. Maarten Tourism Authority (STA) who was recently pinned as the STA Director and have been working round the clock to attract more visitors to St. Maarten still has some hurdles to cross with WINAIR.

According to information provided to SMN News WINAIR placed a lien on all Brison’s assets about 8 months ago after he did not live up to the agreement he made with WINAIR to repay the company over $43,000.00 which the company claimed he embezzled while he was an employee of WINAIR.

SMN News further learned that Brison did make an effort to begin repayment through the agreement he signed but did not continue, thus WINAIR chose to put a lien on all his assets in order to recover the monies they claim he owes the company. SMN News also learned that Rolando Brison did contest the lien placed on his assets by WINAIR.

While WINAIR claimed that Brison embezzled monies from the company they chose to have the employee sign an agreement to repay them instead of following the legal channels and filing a complaint with the police department.

SMN News contacted Brison on Wednesday for a statement on the lien placed on his assets by WINAIR, Brison said that he was never taken to court by WINAIR to place a lien on his salary. He said that he even checked with is bank on Wednesday and accessed his account without any problems.

SMN News also contacted the Managing Director of WINAIR Michael Cleaver for an official comment on the ongoing issues with Brison and WINAIR but Cleaver said he is not in a position to make any official statement.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: WINAIR placed lien on STA director Rolando Brison assets. (UPDATED)