Female Tourist died due jet blast while American Airline take off.

AIRPORT:— A female tourist lost her life due to jet blast around 6 pm Wednesday afternoon. SMN News learned that the tourist was standing close to the fence at the end of the Airport runway when American Airlines was taking off. It is understood that the victim blew away and fell hitting her head on the concrete causing her to lose her life.
It should be noted that management of Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) did everything possible to ensure that tourists and curious onlookers to stay away from the airport fence, however, the visible signs, painting of the fence visitors and curious onlooker refuse to stay away from the airport fence and risking their lives just to experience the jet blast.

SMN News will update this article when the Police Spokesman make a statement.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Female Tourist died due jet blast while American Airline take off.


  1. No, she died due to gross stupidity. Don’t blame anybody, any airline or any organisation to do with the airport. There are large DANGER signs all along the fence warrning of the danger and not to stand by the fence. People doing so ignore the signs and do it AT THEIR OWN RISK – nobody makes them stand there while an aircraft is taking off. They do so in spite of the signs and have to take personal responsibility for anything untoward that happens. INCLUDING death.