Fire on Windsor Road in Cape Bay – two homes lost, Taxi destroyed. (UPDATED).

PHILIPSBURG:— A large fire ravaged at least two homes and a shack in Cape Bay Saturday night and a Taxi. SMN News learned that the Taxi 97 belongs to a woman of Haitian descent. Her vehicle it is understood is completely destroyed 
According to fire officer, Nico Van Zand at least said a building that has several apartments and a shack behind that building were completely destroyed. Van Zand said that they police and firemen were unable to locate all the occupants of the apartments. He also confirmed that there was a vehicle with “T” license plate that was also destroyed. He said that he could not say exactly how many families were left homeless but based on unconfirmed reports he understood it is about 8 to 10 people all of whom were referred to the Red Cross. Van Zand said some 12 fire officer is on the scene trying to save the surrounding homes. Van Zand said that the police are busy assisting them with keeping the people in the surrounding area away since they are all concerned about losing their belongings.

In the meantime, Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson said that the fire started just before 9 pm and that police closed off the roads in order to control the traffic and crowd.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Fire on Windsor Road in Cape Bay – two homes lost, Taxi destroyed. (UPDATED).