Firearm Licenses will be renewed until January 31st 2018.

rafaealboasman07052017PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman announced on Wednesday that all licensed firearm holders who submitted a request to renew their firearm license and did not get a response as yet should know that he has taken the decision to renew the license as of July 5th to January 31st, 2018 as there is a committee reviewing the requests and firearm policy. The Minister said that holders of license firearms should always take their expired license with them to avoid being prosecuted or fined. He said persons who did not submit a request to renew their licenses do not have this privilege and that they are advised to take their weapons to KPSM for safe keeping until their licenses have been renewed.
The Minister said that the new gun policy is very restrictive and he supports the policy, he said that the Ministry is acting carefully on the policy especially when deciding who will be given a firearm license. He said a committee has been set up to study the policy and the applications. This committee is tasked with advising the Minister on the issuance of firearm licenses.
Instructions on Assets Recovery Team Established — Requests were made to Chief Prosecutor to hold off until Parliament is properly informed.
The Minister of Justice also announced on Wednesday said that the Instructions on how the Assets Recovery Team will work if and when established. The Minister said the instructions were made up by the Attorney General, he said during the drafting those instructions/guidelines he was involved in the process. However, he along with the Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr requested Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan to hold off on the execution of the team. The Minister said that after the announcement was made on the establishment of the team, the spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office made some press statements that caused some uproar and thus causing the Parliament of St. Maarten to call him to parliament to share information with them. He said that he met with Parliament already but the meeting has not been finalized and since the Members of Parliament are representatives of the people he felt that the Prosecutor’s Office should wait until that process is completed.  He said the team will consist of staff that is working for government of St. Maarten. He said that during the discussions in parliament it became clear that much more information was needed and that guidelines had to be in place.
Minister Boasman said that the Assets Recovery Team is meant to seize gains illegally. 

Source: St. Martin News Network
Firearm Licenses will be renewed until January 31st 2018.