Former VDSM head convicted for fraud.

PHILIPSBURG:— J.M. was sentenced today by the Court in Philipsburg. J.R. was director of the National Security Service Sint Maarten (Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten, VDSM). In connection with the investigation “Tarpon”, several searches took place. The suspect was detained for 12 days in provisional custody in connection with the investigation.

He was sentenced today to a prison term of 2 years for embezzlement and money laundering. The Court ordered him to pay the amount of 231.000 guilders back. Money that he overcharged the credit card of the National Security Services of Sint Maarten by buying personal goods. The judge called the offenses shameless and very serious.

Prosecutor”s Office Bulletin

Source: St. Martin News Network
Former VDSM head convicted for fraud.