Front Street businessman vows to stay on St. Maarten and assist with the rebuilding process.


~ We are here to stay because I truly believe in St. Maarten.~

PHILIPSBURG:— Niso Dimri owner of D’OR 24K, Lionesse, ADORE and KRISTALS says that as a businessman on St. Maarten he is here to stay and will do everything possible to keep his stores open in order for St. Maarten to bounce back from hurricane Irma.
Dimri has been doing business on St. Maarten for the past three years. He admitted, in the beginning, he had some difficulties but those he said are behind him as his focus is placed on building his businesses as well as assisting in rebuilding St. Maarten. Dimri said from the time he came to St. Maarten to do business it has been his intention to do everything legally and to work closely with government. In the beginning, it was difficult since he did not know how to get things done correctly.
He, however, called on government to be more welcoming to investors that are interested in investing in St. Maarten as the island is unique in many ways thus attracting tourists from all over the world.
The four stores that Dimri operates sells special brands of cosmetics that  are FDA  and dermatologist approved. D’OR 24K, Lionesse, ADORE, and KRISTALS are located on Front Street while they carry special brands of cosmetics they also carry some organic products. These stores specialize in facials with high-end products that are designed for anti-aging, acne, wrinkles, and spots.
Dimri explained that his investors are from Canada and prior to settling on St. Maarten they traveled to all of the Caribbean Islands before deciding on St. Maarten. He said the goal of his company is to bring in skin specialists “Estheticians” that will provide training for locals that are willing to offer skin care such as facials. However, these specialists are hampered by the amount of time they have to wait for a working permit. One of Dimri’s biggest challenges is to find workers locally. He said he has been looking for locals but it’s difficult to find people that are willing to learn since he provides training.
Like most people Dimri said his stores suffered damages during the passage IRMA, he said he suffered severe financial loss because he did not have insurance for his businesses including merchandise and vehicles. Due to the damages, the businessman said he had to close his doors for four months but now he is back and has invested in two more stores all of which are located on Front Street. Dimri said returning to St. Maarten has cost him a lot of repairs, rent, and restocking.
While the stores cater to tourists, locals that enjoyed the products when they were first introduced on St. Maarten should return to the stores because the products are authentic and his business is fully legal. He said that he has never forced anyone to purchase their products but have been giving free samples. He encouraged locals to visit his stores because there is a lot of benefits local residents could enjoy by just using the line of products offered at his stores.
“At this point our aim is to give back to St. Maarten while making money like every other business. We are now focusing on hiring locals and will provide the necessary training in order for them to produce well on the job. We are in need of 20 people to work those include cashier, skin specialists, salespersons and persons interested in promoting the stores.”
He urged locals that are unemployed and have experience in sales and cosmetics to apply for the jobs that are available. The businessman said since he is back on St. Maarten he is focused on securing a new team of employees since those that worked with him in the past did not get a good experience while on St. Maarten and has since left and are not interested in returning.
Dimri made clear that while he will have people promoting the business directly in front of the stores. He said that those working for him are not allowed to go over on the Boardwalk or elsewhere in Philipsburg. He said tourists and other customers have been complaining about the barkers in Philipsburg however, he assured that his employees will not be allowed to harass the island visitors.
The young businessman said he has lots in store for his customers as they are trying to give back as much to the community. Persons that reads this article could go into the store and mention it and they will come in for a free gift or free facial. Besides that customers could also like and share their Facebook page which would also earn them a free gift.

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Source: St. Martin News Network