General Audit Chamber issues 2017 annual report.

PHILIPSBURG:— The General Audit Chamber issued its annual report for the year 2017. By law, the General Audit Chamber must present a report of its activities about the preceding year to both the Governor and Parliament prior to July 1st each year. Digital copies of the annual report 2017, in both the Dutch and English language, were presented on Friday, June 22nd.
The annual report includes a review of the significant information arising from audits conducted in 2017. The General Audit Chamber also provides a description of its operations, and gives account for the use of the budget of fiscal year 2017. Given the events of September 2017, the report also outlines the reconstruction efforts undertaken to secure the continuity of operations of the institution.
In the report, the General Audit Chamber states that “The ability to turn adversity into opportunity, to rebuild that which is broken, and improve that which is deficient, is our lesson from 2017”.
The report is published in both English and Dutch and is available on the website of the General Audit Chamber (

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Source: St. Martin News Network