Get Drops Wise to Celebrate Life.

essaywinner16062017PHILIPSBURG:— Last year I went to India for vacation and I was playing with my friends but there was one boy, named Kapil, was just sitting and clapping. He had polio and his legs were weak. He could not walk or play like the rest of us. That made me very sad and upset at his parents because if Kapil had his vaccines on time, he would also be playing and running like all of us.
As we know that there are several diseases like polio, small pox, tuberculosis, hepatitis and measles that are caused by bacteria and are very harmful to kids. Some of these diseases can leave a child impaired for life. But the prevention is also easily available by vaccines given till he is 4 years. The vaccination means giving oral medication or injecting medicine to a child so that his body learns to fight those infections when the child gets the same infection again later in life.
cpsesaay16062017The important vaccinations given are for polio, MMR, BCG, hepatitis and some more that is protected from almost all diseases that can affect in early childhood. The vaccinations are given free and the government agencies facilitate vaccination for everyone so that every child, rich and poor, gets all vaccinations on time. The world organizations like United Nations, Red Cross, Rotary Club and several other agencies reach too far remote villages making vaccines administration available to all.
We have eradicated smallpox from the world and polio has been controlled. Soon we will fight away other diseases also and make the children healthy and happy. But the parents have to be educated and motivated to have their children vaccinated. So I appeal to all the parents “# Get Vax to celebrate a healthy tomorrow!”

Source: St. Martin News Network
Get Drops Wise to Celebrate Life.