Give your opinion on the modification of the code of Urbanism.

Amendment of the Collectivité planning code to simplify the procedures for amending the planning document and the SOP provisionally maintained.
If the Land Use Plan applies in the absence of a PLU, the Territorial Council has decided to provide Saint-Martin with a real document adapted to the territory in order to face the current and future issues: the development Plan of St. Martin – St. Martin’s Urban Plan (PADSM).
With this change, the Collectivité wants to introduce an original tool in Saint-Martin, in accordance with its powers conferred on it by the organic law. The PADSM will be based on a territorial project, planning the development of Saint-Martin for the coming years. Particular attention will be paid to the organization of space in the main “villages” of Saint-Martin by introducing the development plans for Sandy Ground, Marigot, Grand Case and Quartier Orleans. In addition, it is proposed to amend the urban planning code of Saint-Martin to simplify the modification of urban planning documents. Thus, planning documents will be subject to modification, and no longer revision provided that the territorial project is not modified.
The modification of the Saint-Martin’s urban plan is initiated by the President and must be the subject of public consultation either public inquiry when the modification concerns a reduction of the rights to be built or the reduction of an urban area.
The consultation was originally open until January 30, 2018, and has been extended until February 28, 2018. You can directly give your opinion by going on the website of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin: (click on the pellet provided for this purpose) or go to the Collectivité Building in Marigot to register your opinion in writing (open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday).
The Collectivité of Saint-Martin thanks you for your contribution.

Source: St. Martin News Network