Government of Sint Maarten meets with Dutch Government Mission.

earkenboutandwmarlin17092017PHILIPSBURG:— On Sunday afternoon, September 17, 2017, the Government of Sint Maarten – Governor Drs. Eugene Holiday and the full Council of Ministers – met with the mission team established by the Dutch Government, headed by Mr. Erwin Arkenbout and locally supported by the Representative of the Netherlands in Philipsburg (VNP), Mr. Chris Johnson.

The Dutch mission is offering assistance in the recovery and rebuilding phase of Sint Maarten in areas required and desired by the government of Sint Maarten. The present mission team consists of a group of experts in various areas such as communication, telecommunication, crisis management, infrastructure in general and in specific of the harbor and the airport, housing, and waste management. During the introductory meeting, the priority needs, which were clearly defined by the government of Sint Maarten, were communicated to the mission team including on how the team can best facilitate the recovery and rebuilding process of the island.

The Government of Sint Maarten identified the following recovery priorities:

  1. Housing;
  2. Schools;
  3. Water distribution;
  4. Airport & Air Traffic Control Facilities & Meteorological Facilities;
  5. Hospital;
  6. Waste management;
  7. Social safety net;
  8. Public order including the prison;
  9. Tax Administration & Infrastructure;
  10. Sports & Art Facilities.

Within a short period, an introductory meeting with all involved stakeholders on the related priorities and the mission team members will be scheduled for further detailing of the process. Head of the mission, Mr. Erwin Arkenbout, pledged additional support by experts if such is needed or desired by the government of Sint Maarten. Continuous weekly briefings will take place between the Prime Minister and Mr. Arkenbout. Prime Minister, William Marlin, stressed the need for a substantial financial assistance in terms of grants and/or borrowing under favorable conditions to address the priorities identified and to stimulate economic recovery.

DCOMM Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Government of Sint Maarten meets with Dutch Government Mission.