Government working on repatriation flight for students and residents abroad. | SMN News

PHILIPSBURG:— The Government of St. Maarten namely the Ministry of General Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Minister of TEATT are busy working on a repatriation flight for students and residents that are stuck overseas. Minister of Education Rodolphe Samuel said that there are some 60 students that are ready to board the flight back home. Minister Samuel said that the department had direct contact with some 58 of the students that are ready to return but no definite date and airline has been determined as the intention is to get as many persons on the flight back. The Minister

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  1. Please when willthey work out the details. I text with a young woman who is diabetic and want to come home to SXM and her family. Running out of her insulin.
    I am a 71 year old who wants back to Canada to see my child, friends, and I, too, need prescriptions renewed. I stayedtofulfil a contract.
    To the Ministers and Miniatries involved please get this flight organized soon so at least we know we are going/ coming home.