Holland House Staff Impressed With First Annual Customer Service Week Opening Day.


SIMPSON BAY:— The long-anticipated First Annual Customer Service Week did not disappoint the Holland House staff and leadership this morning. The Holland House staff attended an 8:00 am accredited customized training developed by Customer Service Mobile Academy, (CSMA) titled “The Holland House Culture of Excellence Course.”
The staff was introduced to a series of topics that integrated global best practices and fostered an engaging atmosphere of fruitful employee interaction, cooperative learning, bonding and team building. Most importantly, staff walked away with a certified international certificate from CSMA. The certificate illustrated their commitment to the Holland House and most importantly a commitment to “self.”
Dr. Gittens, President & CEO of CSMA, facilitated the session and stated: Our trainings do not only focus solely on the organization or entity. We understand that when employee(s) are confident, take accountability for their roles and work in a team-oriented environment, they soar in providing customer service excellence to clients, customers and guests.
Both TPI and CSMA are committed to the professional “first” because we understand that their daily performance directly impacts the success and growth of the organization. Without their commitment to service excellence, all components of the entity will be affected and the organization will never meet its full potential. That’s why our training experts stress “providing Memorable Service starts with the employee. “
The First Annual Customer Service made a huge impact this morning and the staff had the following to say:
“It was really successful and communicated perfectly. The course information will help me to improve my service to my guests. Which will help the overall Holland House Culture! Luisanny Martha
Dr. Gittens you are great at what you do, I will try my best to apply most of what you said to my daily interaction with all the guest and with my colleagues. Thank you so much! David Menzie.
Excellent training, provided some valid points and at the same time was very eye-opening. Shenieka Blake
All the points were very true. All customer service professional must adopt these skills. Loved the training! Georgina Vanterpool
The First Annual Customer Service Week will continue until Friday, December 1, 2017. Walk-in’s welcome. Please visit academycsma.com for pricing and the course schedule or call 526-2052.

CSMA Press Release

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