Increase in violent arm robberies raises concern for French Law Enforcement.


MARIGOT: — Vice Prosecutor Michael Ohayon and the Gendarmes told reporters on Friday that there has been an increase in violent armed robberies on the French side. Ohayon said that at least seven armed robberies were committed in the in the evening or at night. These armed robberies took place during the week of April 26th to May 18th 2018. The crimes were committed by at least four suspects that were moving around in a Hyundai Idis.
The suspects were armed and each time they assaulted their victims by hitting them in the face area with their guns. One of robberies was committed in Baie Nettle and that victim was chopped on the arm area. Another armed robbery was committed in the Grand Case area against tourist couple, in each of the cases the victims were robbed of their valuables.
The gendarmes conducted an operation on Lady Fish Road in Sandy Ground, there four of the suspects were arrested.
The suspects that were caught confessed to have committed the armed robberies. Two of them are from St. Martin, the oldest being 21 years old while the other is 17 years old, and both are known by the Gendarmes and have been condemned in the past. The third suspect is a 19 year old a national of Dominica who has been living on St. Martin since he was 6 years old.

Source: St. Martin News Network