Integrity Chamber and SOAB conducting assessment on the issuance of Taxi and Bus Licenses. | SMN NEWS

~ I will not issue any more licenses even though I can ~ Grisha.

PHILIPSBURG: — The Integrity Chamber and the SOAB are still conducting an indebtedness assessment on the former government’s issuance of buses and taxi licenses. Minister of TEATT Grisha Heyliger Marten said the assessment should be completed in another month.
Heyliger Marten assured us on Wednesday that she would issue new taxi and bus licenses now that the election campaign is underway.
Heyliger Marten made clear that even though she could still issue more taxis and bus licenses, she would not do so. There are 521 existing taxi licenses with a cap of 550. “I have met with the taxi associations and informed them that no more permits will be issued. Marten Heyliger said the reason behind the assessment is to ensure that the massive issuance of permits during the election does not happen again. ” While I will not issue any more licenses I have not taken any definite decision on the cap since I am waiting on the assessment reports.”
The Minister said the former Minister had never met with the stakeholders before issuing the extra licenses, even though both markets were saturated.

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