James Finies, Leader of PPU, Leads Bonaire Human Rights Organization to Dominican Republic Elections as COPPPAL International Observers | SMN NEWS

James Finies, esteemed leader of the Progressive People's Union (PPU), has successfully concluded a series of impactful presentations, meetings, and media engagements across Europe. His tireless advocacy for human rights, under the banner of the Bonaire Human Rights Organization, has garnered international attention and acclaim.
Embodying the mission of "Bonaire Life Matters," the Bonaire Human Rights Organization is poised to embark on its next transformative journey. Departing from Europe via Madrid, Spain, the organization has received a distinguished invitation from the Secretaría de Cooperación y Asuntos Migratorios of the Dominican Republic. This invitation marks a historic moment as the organization is invited to serve as COPPPAL International Observers in the General and Presidential elections held on May 19, 2024.
This significant opportunity underscores the unwavering commitment of the Bonaire Human Rights Organization to promote human rights and democratic principles on a global scale. James Finies, along with Davika Bissessar Shaw president of BHRO represented the organization in this crucial role, solidifying their dedication to advancing human rights and democratic processes in the Caribbean and Latin America.
In a statement, James Finies expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating, "We are extremely grateful to be part of the COPPPAL International Observers team. It's the first time in history that Bonaire people has participated in such an exercise."
The collaboration between the Progressive People's Union and the Bonaire Human Rights Organization signifies a pivotal moment in history, as both organizations stand united in their mission to contribute to the vibrant democratic process unfolding in the region.
On behalf of the resilient and diverse people of Bonaire, James Finies extends heartfelt congratulations to President Luis Abinaber, embracing this pivotal moment with optimism and solidarity. He also extends congratulations to the president and leader of the COPPPAL delegation Mr Alejandro Moreno Cardenas and entire COPPPAL International Observers team on a job well done.

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