Juanly Abel Ramirez joins United People’s Party, “Embracing Innovation for a Better Tomorrow”. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— The political landscape in St. Maarten is buzzing with excitement as a fresh face enters the arena with a bold vision for the future. Juanly Abel-Ramirez, a dynamic and forward-thinking candidate, has officially announced her candidacy on the United People's Party (UP) slate, and she's bringing a message of proactivity, innovation, and change.
"I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Parliamentary Election in 2024 with the United People's Party," said Abel-Ramirez on Tuesday.
With a passion for politics that ignited during her eye-opening experience working with a former politician in 2014, Abel-Ramirez knows the direct impact of political decisions on our communities. She firmly believes that the time for change is now and says her candidacy is driven by a commitment to shaping a better tomorrow for St. Maarten. Abel-Ramirez was born in St. Maarten and is a longtime resident of Cole Bay to parents of Haitian descent. She understands the plight of people who struggle daily to make ends meet and has worked for several years in the hospitality industry while raising three children. Candidate Abel-Ramirez believes these working-class people have been underrepresented for too long.

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